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Phyllis Gonzalez - President 

Phyllis has been a board member with Bridges since 2012. and its President since 2020.  She has spent her life in service.  Retired Airforce and Desert Storm veteran, Child Welfare Advocate and Community Development.  She Joined the Bridges Board because she believes in the Bridges Principles and concepts and has seen how transformational the Getting Ahead classes are.

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Dr Karen Barber - Founded Santa Rosa Bridges in 2012 and she was President for 11 years. and a Getting Ahead facilitator. She continues with us as a Board Member representing the K-12 community.  She has 34 years in education and is currently serving as the Superintendent of Santa Rosa County Schools.  While she worked as the Director of Federal Programs in Santa Rosa County and throughout her career - she focused on working with children and families in poverty.  She found ways to  provide resources and supports that helped strengthen families and ensured brighter futures for her students.

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Laura Gilliam is our newest Board Member and she represents the Non-Profit Community.  She is Currently the President/CEO of the United Way of West Florida. She has been with United Way since 2005 and is very active on many Community, County and State Committees and Boards helping to improve Health, education and the lives of families.  Laura Joined the Bridges Board because of her long history with non-profits and she hope to bring some of that expertise to SRBI.  She also hopes to learn more about Santa Rosa County.

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David Cornish - Secretary and TBRA Committee Lead, David has been with Bridges since 2017 and Secretary since 2019.  He represents the Faith Base Community in North Santa Rosa County.  He is a retired veteran and spent his military time in the medical field.  He also has a great deal of experience in investment management and insurance.  David says he has been on other Boards, But he has found his time working with Bridges as the most fulfilling experience since moving to Florida.  He feels compelled to give back to his communit.

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Katelyn Hassell Hale- Treasurer  Katelyn has been involved with Bridges since 2020 and has been the Treasurer since the beginning. She has been in Banking for 11 years and is currently the Compliant Specialist for the First National Banking Association.  These skills are very helpful and we are happy to have her on our board and helping our community.  She says she is pleased to be a part of the Bridges Community and on our Bridges Board

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Jim Marcombe - has been a Bridges Board Member since 2012.  Jim has been involved with Bridges since its inception.  He represents our Faith Based and retired veteran community.  He also had a varied and

interesting employment

history He is Retired military, has skills in the Behavioral Sciences and was a Safety Engineer with Monsanto.  He joined The Bridges Board to help people get the resources they need to help move them out of poverty.  He strives to give back to the community that has been so wonderful to him.

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Cynthia Roberts - Has been a  Board Member since 2017, She is the Executive Director of Life Options Clinic and  represents the Faith Based and Non-Profit Community. The Life Options ministry helps women and their families in crisis pregnancies with material resources, education and support with their parenting needs. Prior to this role she worked in various aspects of the Health Administration field in Santa Rosa County.  She joined the Bridges Board because she loves partnering with other agencies and believes in what the Bridges Community is doing for our families.  She particulary likes the Getting Ahead Classes.


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Vince Cuong - Nguyen- Board 

Member since 2015 he represents

the Public Health and Business Sector of our community. His background is in law enforcement and nursing.  Vince joined Bridges because he loves to provide services, resources and help to the underserved in our community.

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Lori Milkerios - Has ben a Board Member since early 2021.  She represents our military and Veteran community.  Currently she is the  Director/Veterans Counselor,   Military and Veteran's Resource Center at the University of West Florida.  She is a veteran and a Licensed Clinical Social worker. This year she was identified as the NWSWA Social Worker of the year.  She joined Bridges because she cares about the area where she lives and loves to help others learn and grow.

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Dianna Moore -Has been a  Board Member since 2018 representing the Faith Based community in South Santa Rosa. She is currently retired with 40 years in Community and Economic Development including housing development mostly in Missouri (MO). Director of Community Development for the State of Missouri, Executive Director of the Missouri Association for In Florida she was the Action and Housing. Director for EscaRosa Coalition on the Homeless.  She joined us to provide representation for St. Vincent de Paul as well as the southern part of the county.  She is also a facilitator

Bruce Predmore, Board Member since 2021, represents the secondary education and social service (or nonprofit) sector of our community.  He has been a resident of Santa Rosa County for nearly 20 years.  Mr. Predmore has a strong passion to help others in need; this drive correlates to his lifelong career of working in leadership and counseling roles with at-risk families at various youth residential facilities. He currently works with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, WIOA program (Santa Rosa Schools and Career Escarosa). His passion is also demonstrated through various volunteer services in the community. He is drawn to the Bridges because of the board’s mission and commitment to the community.  

Christine Kelly - Christine is our newest board Member signing on November 2021, She immediately agreed to take the lead on our quarterly Newsletter since she has a great deal of Graphics experience. She is currently an attorney with Lynchard and Seely Law firm. Previously she was the senior attorney for Northwest Florida Legal Services for 8 years.  She is very active in community projects and her work has helped those who can not afford legal representation.  Christine joined the Bridges Board because she remembers what it was like to be someone who lived pay check to pay check.  She wants to help families move past  the chaos of their lives and on to a better future story.